If you are injured at work on or after July 1, 2020 in Missouri, the compensation you receive for an on the job injury may increase.
The new maximum temporary total disability rate is $1,011.92 for workers compensation. That is the most that you can receive for weekly benefits or what is known as temporary total disability for an on the job injury. Temporary total disability is paid while you are off work.
That same rate applies for weekly death benefits assuming the worker was earning $1,517.87 in weekly wages or salary. Death benefits are paid to a workers’ dependents.
$1,011.92 is also the rate you will receive for life assuming you were earning $1,517.87 in weekly wages or salary and you are permanently totally disabled due to an on the job injury.
For those injuries in which you are partially disabled (you can do some work after your injury) due to your workers compensation accident, the new maximum rate is $530.05. That is the maximum rate to calculate your settlement.
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