My Doctor Tripped Me. Workers Compensation benefits in Missouri

My Doctor Tripped Me Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Missouri

In the recent case of Schoen v. Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center, a worker was injured when a doctor accidentally tripped the worker causing her to fall. The court held that the worker’s injuries sustained while at the medical facility and due to the fall were covered under workers’ compensation.
Prior Missouri cases in workers’ compensation have clearly covered a doctor’s negligence in treating a worker.
The court in Schoen held that injuries sustained during authorized medical treatment for the original injury are the natural and probable consequence flowing from the original injury.
The court’s ruling is in line with a prior Missouri case that provided workers compensation benefits when an injured employee fell from a chair while undergoing whirlpool therapy.
There is also a line of cases that hold that workers compensation benefits apply when your doctor or other health care professional commits medical malpractice. The employer’s insurance company needs to continue to provide you benefits under the workers compensation law.
If a health care professional commits medical malpractice, you can also explore the possibility of a lawsuit against the health care professional.
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