If you are injured at work on or after July 1, 2020 in Missouri, the compensation you receive for an on the job injury may increase.
The new maximum temporary total disability rate is $1,011.92 for workers compensation. That is the most that you can receive for weekly benefits or what is known as temporary total disability for an on the job injury. Temporary total disability is paid while you are off work.
That same rate applies for weekly death benefits assuming the worker was earning $1,517.87 in weekly wages or salary. Death benefits are paid to a workers’ dependents.
$1,011.92 is also the rate you will receive for life assuming you were earning $1,517.87 in weekly wages or salary and you are permanently totally disabled due to an on the job injury.
For those injuries in which you are partially disabled (you can do some work after your injury) due to your workers compensation accident, the new maximum rate is $530.05. That is the maximum rate to calculate your settlement.
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The Division of Workers Compensation is accepting filings by email.
It has turned out to be an opportune time to make progress on cases because defense attorneys and claims adjusters are still working.
If you have been injured on the job, it is important that you report your case promptly.
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What to look for in a lawyer who will represent you on your workers compensation claim

1. Look for experience.
How many years has the attorney been representing injured works?
How many cases have they handled similar to your case?
What is the lawyer’s trial experience? Not just mediated or settled cases, but actual tried cases.
When you call the attorney is she or he knowledgeable about your type of injury, the doctors you are treating with, the judges who may be assigned to your case, etc.

2. Consider reputation.
Is the attorney AV rated? AV ratings are given to attorneys who uphold the highest legal and ethical standards.
Has the attorney had any bar complaints?
Has the attorney’s colleagues nominated the attorney for Best of the Bar?

3. Does the attorney have strong communication skills?
Is your phone call returned promptly by the attorney and not a screener?
Can the attorney readily answer your questions?

Why did I write this post? Recently I had an injured workers contact me about his workers compensation case. The entire conversation was odd. The case had been pending for years and the worker didn’t have a good grasp on what was going on. He was represented by another attorney. He didn’t know what his rating was, he didn’t know if a demand had been made to settle the case, he didn’t know if any offers had been made, he didn’t know if problems had arisen, he didn’t know if the case had been mediated, etc.
In his case, his attorney most likely will be disbarred not only for the handling of this one case but for his neglect of other cases.
It’s not easy to switch attorneys because the first attorney has a lien (a right to payment) on the case.
That fact makes it extremely important that an injured worker makes the right decision for the start.

After a workplace accident, it’s important to find a trustworthy attorney to handle your case.
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The choice of an attorney should not be based solely on advertisements.